Fire Truck in Sarchi

Hi Friends;

Have you ever had a toy fire truck? (Tonka Toy). I never did. Fire trucks have always fascinated me, you? Notice how clean it is or maybe it is new. That must have been one huge car wash, lol. Interesting how the fireman logo, to the left, looks similar to the ones you see in the US. I got this picture of this red beauty as I was waiting for my cab ride home with a cart full of groceries. The cab fair is $3.18 round trip. Not bad for living 10 minutes round trip. Get a flag drop in the US and pay $20.00 or more. Back to Sarchi on Monday or a few more groceries and the pharmacy. My next discovery is the ox cart located in the park across the street from where i was. See you soon.

Fire Truck in Sarchi

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