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Here is why you buy Costa Rican Coffee. Watch Video.

Finca means “Estate” locals call it a farm.

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Coffee in Costa Rica

In fact, Costa Rica is the only country in the world where it is illegal to produce anything less than 100% Arabica coffee beans – the highest quality.Sep 17, 2020

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Why is Costa Rican coffee so expensive?

Classification of Costa Rican coffee beans

Coffees grown at higher altitudes take longer to ripen, lowering the yield and making them more expensive to grow. However, in general, these beans also have longer to develop, becoming denser and more packed with flavor.Sep 28, 2018

Costa Rican coffee is renowned for its rich aroma, bright acidity, light body, and fruity, floral notes. … To get the most unique coffee flavors, you may want to try single-origin beans, which grow in just one region. Costa Rica’s most famous coffee-growing region is called Tarrazu.Mar 12, 2021 . Check Cost and shipping costs


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